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Safety First

Here at Jumpin Jilly Bean safety is number one!


  • Adult supervision is required!

    • Please provide adult supervision to prevent unsafe situations.
  • We can provide trained attendants for your event.

    • The cost per attendant is $20/hour for 4 hours or less, and $30/hour for events lasting more than 4 hours.
    • Please call for availability!

  • Absolutely NO

    • Silly string, Confetti, Gum, Food, Drinks, Sprays, or Other sticky substances are allowed in or on the inflatables.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the imposing of an additional cleaning fee.
  • High winds are a safety hazard!

    • High winds are one of the biggest dangers with inflatables.
    • The inflatable must be properly anchored at all times.
    • Our professional installers will anchor your unit properly, please leave the stakes or sandbags in place.
  • Overloading the jumper can cause injury!

    • You will be trained on the proper numbers to allow in the jumper at one time.
    • Too many jumpers at one time can lead to bumps, bruises, and other injuries that can be avoided.


Other Rules:

All jumpers must remove shoes, eyeglasses, and any sharp objects before entering inflatables.

NO pinata's in the bounce house. risk of severe injury.

to avoid neck and back injuries- no wrestling, flips or rough housing allowed.

DO NOT bounce on sides or near enterance of bounce house. severe injury may result.

any one with head, back, neck or muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, children under 3 years of age, and others who my be suspectable to injury from falls or bumps or bouncing are not permittied in or around the inflatables at any time. 

DO NOT allow older children to jump with younger children. risk of severe injury.

No hanging from netting on the sides, or from the roof of the inflatables. A repair fee will beimposed if the sides/roof are damaged.

Use only blow up "beach balls" type balls or provided nerf balls in the inflatables. Other balls may cause injury.

Keep children away from the blower unit. risk of electrical shock and serious injury.

If inflatable begins to loose air, make way to the exit immediately.

Inflatable MUST be staked to the ground securely at all times to prevent tipping. DO NOT use if winds exceed 20 mph, inflatables can flip over in high winds. If high winds exist, exit immediately and turn off blower.

Do not use inflatable when raining or if the ground is wet. risk of serious injury due to slipping hazards and electrical shock.

Childrens safety depends on you. Your personal supervision is absolutely required. As the lessee of inflatables, the safety of all who come in contact with the inflatables or parts thereof is YOUR responsibility..

You are responsible for the cleaning of any additional rental equipment such as tables and chairs, etc.

Weather Policy:

We reserve the right to cancel any reservations due to severe or imminent deterioration of weather conditions. You wil receive a full refund if we cancel due to weather before set up.

There will be no refunds or reductions in price due to foul weather once the unit has been set up.